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Be it a new build or a renovation of an old home, the common theme in kitchen-space planning and design is to knock out walls in the quest for the ultimate open-plan "everything" space that creates a seamless transition between kitchen and family room areas (and often stretches the entire width of the house). When faced with the challenge of bringing urban designer chic to a suburban subdivision home, the mandate is to work within the confines of builder guidelines while making it appear that it is a completely custom creation.

Know Your Needs...If you expect one room to be all things to all the people in your household, you'll want to invest a little extra time planning how to make the hub of the house reflect your sense of style and your approach to living and entertaining.

Before you tackle the layout of your kitchen, prep a file that outlines your must-haves, your needs, your wish list and any style guidelines that might help facilitate decision making. Having a good understanding of your goals both financial and stylistic before starting the job will help you make easier and faster decisions along the way.

Sure white is known for being timelessly classic, bright and cheery, but it can also read as slightly stark and clinical. If you find you spend mostly evening hours in your kitchen and want it to have a richer, more lounge-y feel, consider dressing your cabinets in a cool charcoal tone. With two distinctly smoky shades of grey, the vibe of the kitchen easily adapts from lunch counter to wine bar depending on the hour of the day.

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