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In a house with a centre hall plan, the entry and adjoining hallway are continually in use as the conduit for all traffic through the house.  In newer homes, these spaces can be rather large in scale and need to be considered as a proper room, with a distinct scheme and appropriate furnishings and art.  With wide doorways leading to adjoining rooms, the entry hall is constantly in view and its design should support the decor of the principal rooms.  To add polish and panache to a suburban home, it's good to rely on a neutrally grounded palette and furnish it with and impactful collection of pieces to represent the home's transitional style.

Instead of a light and breezy console table that inevitably invites clutter and chaos, you can opt for a storage-savvy credenza or sideboard to keep clutter in the front hall to a bare minimum.  Sleek wood doors and drawers can hide the trapping of daily life behind an exotic veneer and a long tabletop surface allows room for elegant displays as well.  With a bowl for keys, a tray for mail and a few fresh blooms, the tone is set for order in the house.  Play up your opportunity to mix and match lighting for dramatic effect.  Instead of a runway of basic down lights, install a combination of pendants and sconces to illuminate with interest,

There's no better place for an engaging piece of art than the entry and placing a scan-stealing showpiece in the hall sets the stage for drama.  If your look blends new and old elements with traditional and contemporary angles, lean on fabrics to reinforce your concept.  To create a unified flow of flooring materials, you may want to use hardwood in your main entrance area.  Installing stone is also an option, but since the price to install marble is significantly higher than the price of wood, you'll likely be looking to pare back the size of the installed area.  This way you can splurge on an interesting showpiece to add drama while making a good first impression.

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