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Updated: Jun 4

Now that it's a new year, it means there are new design trends that need exploring. Wondering which design trends are going to continue to be seen in all of our homes in 2022? The pandemic has certainly changed a lot of things and had a big impact on the various types of homes we are looking to craft. Gone are the days of minimalism being king. Nowadays, homeowners want to fill their homes with different things that showcase their passion, places they've been, and what hobbies they have.

Along with this, we have wanted to create a home that helps us have a place to hang out with our loved ones and even spend time working. With more and more people working at home, home office setups are getting a lot more attention. There also happens to be an increased demand in wanting to connect more with nature and to bring the outdoors indoors with more neutral colours.

Here are some of the top interior design trends that you should expect to see in 2022.

1. More Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are making a comeback. While black, white, and grey were popular in the early portion of the 2000s, that's all changing. It's time for neutral colours to make their comeback and it's expected to be a glorious return. The Dulux's Colour Trend Forecast showcased a specific palette that has Grey Reflection and even Pancake Mix as some of the neutral options that you could go with this year.

2. Colours

When you find yourself coming into the new design decade, you might feel weirded out by all of the colours. After all, we've been living in a monochromatic world for so long. Now that there is finally colour, you might not necessarily be ready for it. There are different colours to look out for this year including illuminating yellows and International Klein Blue.

3. Maximalism

Now that we have had to spend an increasing amount of time indoors and in our homes, we've made a lot of changes to the way we live. A lot of people probably got bored spending so much time in their minimalistic homes. Rather than sitting there and staring at a bunch of nothingness, a lot of people have gone ahead and started to decorate their home in a way that inspires them. Therefore, you can expect to see more photographs on the walls, indoor plants, and more. Working from home business owner, Sacha Davis, keeps her mind from wandering by decorating her home office with colourful and meaningful artwork and indoor plants. “I’ve tried the whole ‘interior decorating’ thing and tried to keep my space modern and stylish, but the minimalist trends are honestly so uninspiring.”

The thing that makes it different is that these things are being curated. You don't just want to throw a bunch of things together without any rhyme or reason. You need to curate them to make them look purposeful rather than something that is purely cluttered. To find out how it's done, you can consider reading Interiors Addict's founder Jen Bishop's tips to style the perfect vignette.

4. Home Offices

There was a survey conducted by Roy Morgan and it showcased that nearly 1/3 of all Australian employees worked from home during the year 2020. This means that having a place where you can sit down and get work done is a must. While having a purely dedicated workroom is a great thing for those that have space, others with less space have had to get more creative. Interior designer Gary Hamer has noticed, “more people are incorporating an office space into their home, I have found more people using nooks for mini-offices than ever before.”

5. Indoor and Outdoor Living

For many years, Australians have appreciated the idea of having a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces. This is only expected to continue to climb in 2022 with an even greater focus on treating these areas as a full extension of the home rather than a separate entity. Modern home designer, Rick Buick, says, “I’m meeting more and more people who want to create large outdoor spaces with a place for preparing food or working. You'll find a lot of checklists featuring fire pits, pool cabanas, and more because of this.

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