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Updated: Jun 4

I've decorated my share of bright and bold bedrooms, but this is the antithesis of them all.  Dressed all in white and cream with a tiny nod to naturals, this room is so restful and serene that I imagine it tore like when the sky meets the ocean.  With a Hamptons white timber slatted bed head, an organic linen covered bed, rattan and timber coastal bedside tables and rattan bedside lights, this room matches the mood of shell artwork that hangs over the bed and a dreamy dream catcher in white..

This of course is another room in our home to get a makeover refresh, yes our bedroom!  While I do love our bedroom, it had really been neglected furniture and styling wise, it reflected anything but serene.  First thing we needed was new artwork for the blank wall above our bed and a shelf.  Another new addition was a large jute rug under part of our bed to lighten the flooring.  Of course new bedding in fresh whites, some sheer curtains and lots of pillows and cushions was a must along with a new gorgeous beaded chandelier in keeping with the theme, lighting is very important.  Our rattan dresser is just dreamy love!

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