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Time flies.  One minute you're setting up house for the first time and the next thing you know almost fifteen years have passed.  These have been busy filled years, filled with building careers, putting down roots and having a family.  Through all the big life changes, one thing remained constant and that's our love for the place we call home.  The longer we're here , the better it gets and it seems as if the first decade and a half were just the beginning of the story.  Sometimes man's best friend can change your life.  That's exactly what happened  to my Husband Massimo when he took our pet pooch for a walk one day.

What started as a simple dog walk turned into an unofficial house hunting.  "My Husband had a stickybeak at an open house during his stroll with our dog.  I remember him running back home and telling me that I had to see it."  "I thought he was crazy but when I saw it I immediately fell in love with how unbelievably spacious it was, with a large backyard, a kid- friendly park across the road and it was near the Eastern Suburbs beaches."  We bought the semi-detached house at auction in 2008 and then set about making it into a family home.

Fast forward to 2021 and with four growing boys now in our family, much has been done to make that happen.  What started as a simple fix of the roof and windows morphed into a back-to-the-blocks renovation with the goal of keeping everything terrific about the original design while refreshing, reimagining and preparing it for the next fifty.  The house had a typical semi layout with a long hallway to the kitchen and three bedrooms.  The house wasn't liveable and renovations took us 10 months.

"Our challenge was to knock out three walls to allow for a new bathroom at the end of the hall, which meant we had to ged rid of the third bedroom.  Eventually we'll make more room for the boys by adding another level.  We also created a large open-plan kitchen, dining/living area, hideaway laundry and home office.  As the boys grow up, we're going to need more room."

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